Creating next generation video systems.

Digital Video Recorder

We offer a unique custom DVR design service covering most configurations ranging from 16 D1 resolution channels to 4 separate Full HD streams. H.264 High Profile with high bitrate or lightweight low latency. We provide hardware design, full software stack development and delivery as an OEM product.

Network Video Recorder

Apart from recording streams onto a local storage like SSD or Micro SD card, NVR will also stream securely live video over the internet. You can also download previously recorded files or reconfigure the unit.

360° Virtual Reality DVR

Multiplexing 4 separate full HD streams into a single output creating 360° fiel of view for Virtual Reality.


High End Video Processing Reference Platform

Built on Texas Instruments DM8168 SoC with it’s three separate HDVICP cores, it is a powerful platform, which we use for many different applications.

Custom Digital Camera

High frame rate, outstanding picture quality, a small size factor or a low cost? What your camera is going to be like? Which one is your top priority?

Video Cloud

Currently under development: a video transcoding and delivery service built on MPEG-DASH for Over The Top content delivery.

Watch this space.


  • Working with Visla Systems was very refreshing from day one. The expertise and in-depth knowledge that was shown by Visla Systems has assisted us immensely to further develop and improve our products. Very soon after we started working together, Visla Systems had presented us with a clear development roadmap, which was later successfully achieved in a timely manner. We are very happy with our relationship with Visla Systems and believe that it will help our business grow to new heights.
    Matthew - Sales & Marketing DirectorRace-Keeper UK
  • Visla Systems has been unbelievably helpful in meeting our DVR and video processing needs.  Visla excels in providing thorough time sensitive solutions.

    Rocko - Electrical EngineerAuto Meter Products