4-2-1 Video Mixer

4-2-1 Video Mixer
December 19, 2017 wp

Visla Systems creates 4-2-1 Video Mixer

Visla Systems creates a Video Mixer of 4 camera inputs and a single video output. All video inputs are independently deinterlaced and synchronised without down-scaling in order to preserve original resolution and picture quality. 4-2-1 Video Mixer works seamlessly with HDX2 – Multi-Camera 1080p HD Video Logger from Race-Keeper, providing 4 SD camera inputs as a single Full HD image. You can get yours from Race-Keeper’s online shop now.

End-To-End delivery

From device architecture design to the final “on the road” tests, Visla Systems delivered full, End-To-End product design to accompany client’s existing products in the Motorsport and On-Vehicle Camera markets.
All building blocks of the 4-2-1 Video Mixer: the software, the PCB and the case have been designed by Visla Systems with detailed planning and fitting, where a 3D printed enclosure proved to be of a great help during the design process and a CNC machined aluminium case guaranteed a long term quality.
At 4-2-1 Video Mixer’s heart is Xilinx Artix®-7 FPGA for which Visla Systems developed a number of Video IP components: Lightweight Video DMA Engine providing Memory2Memory access with a separate stride setting for input and output video frames; four Video Input Blocks, each consisting of ITU-R BT.656 Decoder, Deinterlacer, Video FIFO for storing both video data and video sync codes plus a Lightweight Video DMA Writer Engine.
The device is controlled by MicroBlaze™ 32-bit RISC soft processor core incorporated in the FPGA and Real-Time Embedded Software written in C.
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