About Us

About us

Visla Systems Ltd is a video processing systems design house. We offer research, design, development, manufacturing and deployment services for a new generation of video systems built on Embedded Linux. We create cameras, Digital Video Recorders, video streaming devices and services, video transcoding servers, video delivery services.

Based in Bristol, UK’s biggest tech-hub outside of London, with close proximity to London’s main airports, we can reach any part of the world.

Who we are

We are a group of high profile, experienced, professional engineers. Each of our engineers has spent years designing, implementing and deploying multimedia systems. We are flexible, we assemble a team according to the project’s size, time-scale and budget. We are proud of our work, hence we always aim to deliver the highest possible quality before reaching the deadline.

Who we are not

We are not recruitment agency, nor we are outsourcing company. We deliver solutions designed by talented individuals, not individuals designing solutions.

The Aim

Our aim is to turn our customer’s idea into a ready for shipment product, which cuts time to market, minimises delivery risk and project’s cost. We build high performance, reliable systems, where quality and robustness are at the top of the priority list. Our identity lies in our unique work approach. Every project we divide into small and easy to understand components and we work hard on each and every single one to achieve top quality.

Turning ideas into products.