Gauge Rendering Engine ™

Gauge Rendering Engine ™
September 18, 2015 wp

Gauge Rendering Engine ™

Gauge Rendering Engine™ is a powerful and scalable gauge rendering library. It is responsible for rendering a gauge in real time, according to received data and mix it with incoming video.

Standard SVG file support

The gauge design relies on a Scalable Vector Graphics, making the gauge fit any size without loosing quality. It uses RGBA colour space to describe each rendered pixel. Additional Alpha channel allows to create beautiful, semi transparent gauges, that will look great on any device. Gauge artwork can be created on any host PC, be it Mac, Linux or Windows, as SVG is an open standard available across all platforms.

Simple & robust architecture

When the gauge template is rendered with current data, the data itself, can be up or down sampled to match video frame rate. During resampling process additional Low Pass Filter is applied to smooth the data and the amount of smoothness applied is configurable. After rendering and mixing the gauge with video frame, the resulting frame is sent to the memory buffer, making Gauge Rendering Engine™ easy to integrate.

Scalable, portable and easy to run

Visla Systems made sure that Gauge Rendering Engine™ is fully scalable. There are several ways to run it, which can fit any needs. First, it can work as a real time rendering engine with hardware acceleration on a GPU whenever OpenVG is available. It can also be accelerated by a DSP or a 2D hardware blitter, which runs heavy rendering functions. When there is no hardware acceleration at all, Gauge Rendering Engine™ can run solely on an ARM or any other RISC CPU. Additionally Gauge Rendering Engine™ can be used as an offline engine to render previously captured data as a gauge on a video.
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