d | e | s | i | g | n

c | r | e | a | t | e

d | e | l | i | v | e | r

s | u | p | p | o | r | t

V I D E O | S O L U  T I O N S



Custom Digital Camera Design for every application

We design several different camera types:

  • Superb quality Full HD camera with a massive image sensor 1080@60fps.
  • Low cost camera with a decent Full HD image sensor 1080@30fps.
  • High frame rate HD camera 720@240 fps.
  • Full HD covert or wearable camera with a tiny 4.6mm diagonal CMOS image sensor 1080@30fps.

All cameras support:

  • Sensor technology: CMOS
  • Shutter type: Global Shutter
  • Ouput standard: HDMI or SDI


Digital Video Recorder

We offer several different DVR configurations recording many streams simultaneously in real time.

  • 1x stream 1080@120fps.
  • 2x streams 1080@60fps.
  • 4x streams 1080@30fps.
  • 16x streams D1.
  • Or any combination of the above.
  • 4 Full HD cameras  creating a 360° Virtual Reality DVR coming_soon

High quality codecs:

  • H.264 Baseline, High, Main Profile with YUV 420 pixel format
  • AAC LC mono, stereo, 5.1 channels with from 16 to 48kHz sampling frequency
  • All streams are recorded as separate tracks within a single MP4 file compatible with MPEG-4 Part 14 specification: ISO/IEC 14496:14.

Supported inputs:

  • HDMI
  • SDI
  • Component
  • Composite
  • S-Video

Local storage:

  • HDD / SSD via 2 independent SATA ports
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Micro SD or SD card

Visla Systems builds DVRs based on our reference platforms. Therefore there are no surprises during development phase.


Network Video Recorder

All of the DVR features plus two 1 Gb Ethernet ports to simultaneously record locally and stream live video over internet.

Supported protocols:

  • RTP / RTCP / RTSP family of protocols
  • Adaptive Streaming with MPEG-DASH
  • SFTP download.

Security of the footage is a top priority, therefore we also support:

  • Secure-RTP
  • RTSP over HTTPS
  • Video Real-Time encryption
  • Video Watermarking

We have also designed a custom control and download protocol for unique and secure connections.

Data DVR

Data Logging on Digital Video Recorder

Data is increasingly important, therefore data logging is a crucial part of the DVR range.

Supported inputs:

  • CAN
  • GPS
  • NMEA 0183
  • NMEA 2000
  • G-Sensors
  • Ethernet
  • Heart rate monitor via Bluetooth or ANT+

Data output:

  • Binary of ASCII format
  • Written to a separate data file
  • Multiplexed with audio and video streams within a single MP4 file.

We also provide Real Time data rendering and overlay on top of the recorded video.


Gauge Rendering Engine™


Video Cloud

Online MPEG-DASH Video Transcoding and Streaming Service



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Existing Product Support

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